Our company

CRM Mates Ltd

CRM Mates Ltd, is a private limited registered company in England and Wales. Our registration number is:11475564

Our mission is simple to make the technology as easy as possible so that the human kind can get benefit from it. Information Technology (IT) is very easy to understand. Many companies are overly complicating it, while things are easy to develop and implement.

Three simple steps to get started

To get things started, we have following three simple steps.

Understand requirements

We understand your requirements and help in creating flowcharts and diagrams to perform a mind mapping. Our friendly team will go through each and very business processes and help you create a simple road-map.

prepare a plan

We put a structured plan together by analysing your requirements and by conceptualising it more in detail with help of developers, analysts, consultants and of course you as being our valuable client.

help in implementing it

Once the document is ready, we help in building the system and further implement it successfully in your company. We also provide full support after developing the system also.

Finding something interesting ?

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